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Hostgator Web HostingHostgator is a world’s famous and one of the best web hosting providers of the world. Hostgator is hosting million of websites at this time. Hostgator is Houston based web hosting company and it has more than one data center for services management to the customers worldwide. Hostgator started its service in 2002 and after four years of its start, it became one of the best hosting services of the city and by 2008, Hostgator had become one of the major web hosting service provider in the country.

In 2011, Hostgator planned to cover Asian market and they found India the most interesting and profitable market to join and they started operations in India under Hostgator.in with full fledged support and data centers. Now according to an estimate Hostgator hosts more than 8 million domains on their servers and probably they are no. 1 web hosting company in the world.

One of the reasons of hostgator’s popularity is its service quality. Hostgator is known for its high quality servers, high quality web hosting, good customer service, effective support and reliable prices in the global market.

Hostgator is considered in top 300 most visited websites of the world according to alexa. Alexa tells world ranking of the websites. As Hostgator is increasing their customers’ base, it is expected that in next three years they might cross 10 million websites hosting mark.