FatCow Hosting Review

Why is FatCow the Right Hosting for Your WordPress Blog?

With so many hosting companies out there, it’s important to understand which one is the right choice for you. FatCow hosting is a great choice because of the price, the options, the reliability, the performance and so much more. This specific hosting company offers everything expected from a top hosting company.

FatCow Hosting Review

What do the FatCow Reviews Say?

Every hosting company worth using has been reviewed by a number of customers. FatCow isn’t any different and most of the reviews are very favorable. Some of the top hosting review sites have given FatCow anywhere from four out of five starts to five out of five stars.

Along with the top hosting review sites rating FatCow very high, many customers have said great things about this hosting company. Since the price is so affordable, customers really like the package offered by FatCow. They feel like its worth far more than the small cost and many customers have said FatCow is fast, reliable and very supportive of their customers.

What does FatCow Offer?

For under $50 per year, you can get one of the top shared hosting packages on the internet. All FatCow hosting packages come with a number of top features including:

  • More Disk Space than You need
  • Plenty of Bandwidth
  • Multiple Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited POP Email Boxes
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Free Website Build
  • Free Site Templates
  • And More!

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These are just the technical features and they are all backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Along with all the technical features, every FatCow hosting account comes with:

  • WordPress – The Best CMS and Blogging Platform on the Internet!
  • Joomla
  • Nextiva
  • YP.com Free Business Listing
  • $50 Facebook Advertising Credit
  • $100 Google Advertising Credit
  • $25 Yahoo + Bing Advertising Credit
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • And More!

These features may not seem like they mean too much since many other hosting companies offer something very similar. However, the incredible support you will get from FatCow makes all the difference.

Technical Support from FatCow Website and Blog Hosting

FATCOWSupport makes a huge difference when it comes to hosting. You can get all the unlimited features in the world, but it means nothing if the company doesn’t provide great technical support.

FatCow has been in business since 1998 and provides a hosting support team with plenty of experience. They specialize in beginners, small businesses and blog hosting with WordPress. If you want the peace of mind that comes with an award-winning technical support team, FatCow is the right choice for your hosting.

All the customer reviews found online state that the FatCow hosting support team is quick to respond, provide the best answer and help with a friendly attitude. The support you receive will make your hosting far better than what you get with other blog hosting companies.

How to Take Advantage of the $3.15 Per Month Hosting Deal!

3.15 per month hostingFor just $3.15 per month, you can get the best hosting online from FatCow. This rate is available on a two or three-year deal only.

However, you can still get FatCow hosting for just $44 per year if you want to start with a one-year deal. This comes out to $3.67 per month, which is still a super low deal.


NEW From FatCow – Monthly Hosting with a Monthly Payment Plan

FatCow Monthly Hosting
A new feature now offered by FatCow website hosting is the monthly hosting with a monthly payment plan. Most hosting companies don’t offer a plan with an actual monthly payment. The ones that do, charge nearly twice as much as the deal they will give you if you pay for an entire year or more at once.

FatCow has introduced a new monthly payment plan that allows you to get hosting for just $5 per month. This is a great deal and will allow you to get started for a super low price.

Starting Your Blog or Website with FatCow Hosting Today

If you’re a beginner or veteran, you can get started today with FatCow Hosting. It all starts with choosing your payment plan. Choose from paying for a year, two years or three years up front or start with the new monthly payment plan offered by FatCow. Regardless, you can start your blog or website in a matter of minutes.

After you choose the payment plan you want to use, just register the domain name of your choice and enter your details. It may take a few minutes for the hosting and the domain name to register, but once it does, you can start your blog or website very fast.

The best way to get started with FatCow and your blog or website is to use WordPress. This is the top CMS (content management system) on the planet and the most popular platform for bloggers. You can install WordPress on your ne domain name in a matter of minutes.

Once WordPress is installed, you can start building your new blog or website. Choose a custom theme, install plugins, add content and start growing your business today.

At Blogging Matters, we provide plenty of tutorials and “How To” articles to help you with many aspects of WordPress. We make it easy to get started with FatCow Hosting and WordPress immediately.

If you’re ready to take your new blog or website live, start with the best hosting, for the best price at FatCow Hosting by Clicking Here Right Now!

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